Monday, October 25, 2010

For a good "window" How?

Security of the main building needs a solid framework, but also need reliable doors and windows; enterprise IT architecture, too, not only stable and reliable infrastructure, also need the safe use of the client.

Information about enterprise architecture design and optimization, many people first thought is, how to optimize the server, how to ensure the security of the server, how to ensure that server performance, very few people to give special attention to the terminal system, consider the optimization of end systems .

Like buy a house, all the owners will go to inspection of the house frame is not solid, load-bearing walls are not reliable, developers to provide anti-theft doors are not safe, but very few owners probably would go to pay attention to the windows in the end is not strong , is not it safe enough?

In fact, the windows of the firm or not is equally important. With the bucket theory, a house is safe or not depends on its weakest link. Obviously, should pay attention to the safety of windows. The remaining question is, in the end is added to the window to ensure the safety fence or window needs a strong enough?

Many people do not like the fence, to prevent the thieves, but also blocking out their moment in the compromise (such as fire, earthquake, or other windows to escape from the situation). So, it should be for a safe, reliable windows. This can improve the overall performance of housing, whether safety or convenience.

By the same token, enterprises in information architecture design and improvement of the time, the system also needs to improve the terminal. End systems for enterprise IT environments, for the entire optimization process is very important. As Microsoft put forth IOI (IT Infrastructure Optimization) concept, as do both the need to optimize the server, the client should be optimized, both indispensable, otherwise not a complete optimization.

Optimization brings benefits

Business computer and network architecture is composed of IT good enough, they can already determine the productivity of enterprises. Many enterprises have a computer, there are networks, there are business applications, but its production efficiency than competitors in the same industry are lower. Many natural causes, but there is one aspect of which is inevitable: IT although there, but not well used, or not optimized.

Enterprises must optimize their infrastructure to do, to one purpose: to help enterprises to enhance value, improve production efficiency. Of course, infrastructure optimization of non-day power, a careful analysis of enterprise information infrastructure for enterprise business model, Ye Wu model and judge, the last to be total solution Bushu to the enterprise. From the server to client, from the service products to a variety of components, from one to the computer, every aspect can be classified as infrastructure optimized content.

To seize every step, and in the real implementation of the enterprise environment, the companies will be able to achieve infrastructure optimization of the final objective: to enhance the overall value of enterprise.

Optimized to achieve the overall goal

Enterprises in the network layer and data layer, service layer optimization, you must also simultaneously optimize the client. This can improve the overall optimization of the basic structure of IT systems performance.

Enterprise infrastructure optimization goal is to help enterprises to reduce TCO, it can not be carried out only at the server-side performance improvements, more important is to enhance the use efficiency of client staff. Only every employee productivity is high, can guarantee the production efficiency of the entire enterprise.

Terminal is allowed to optimize the deployment of the first steps easier. Different server with a limited, large enterprises involving thousands or even tens of thousands of computer terminals, if the replacement of the terminal operating system takes a long time, then the efficiency of the enterprise would be a fatal blow.

The second step is to make the terminal more security. Not only ensure the server side, network-side security, but also to ensure the safety of the terminal, the only way it will not affect the staff.

The third step is to make the terminal with the server can play a server's maximum capacity. Either Windows or Linux, all need to be a good match for client and server to maximize the effectiveness of server-side.

After doing the server side optimization, to optimize the terminal, it can not be spared. Just bought a big house, the windows can not ignore the serious quality problems. Buy a good "window" then?

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Expert: the open source community is its own worst enemy

Famous foreign websites "Defamation" published an article today from well-known journalist Bruce Bayfield's commentary said the free and open source software (hereinafter referred to as FOSS) communities biggest enemy is not Microsoft, nor any other company, but the FOSS community itself . FOSS community does not exist in nine attitude conducive to the development of FOSS, reads as follows:

I am very love of freedom and open source software. There are two reasons: First, a servant of freedom in this area, I can write what you really want to write; Second, the open source community is not only very smart people, but also full of passion and courage to practice. This is an exciting field, for the work in this area I am very lucky.

However, sometimes the FOSS community's biggest enemy may be itself. The view of some deep-rooted to FOSS community solidarity is no longer the same as before, is not conducive to FOSS common goal - to provide proprietary software or open source alternative to the spirit of free and open source software. In fact, the open source community more or less at certain times people have these attitudes, including me, but we have very little to talk openly about them. And it is for this reason, these attitudes are continuing to impact on the advance of the community.

To overcome these problems the first to admit they exist, these are my own and from around the FOSS community who summed up the nine common problems for reference:

1, do not know the common development of rival

At any time, FOSS FOSS community is the foundation of ideals or beliefs, it is inevitable that different views exist. This religious and political groups with some similar standards for FOSS, people have different views, and arguments among whom, it is not surprising.

However, many times when people forget the debate have a common goal. Some professional or semi-professional scholars to attack other members of the community as his own career, I am not mentioning their names, because that will be issued free of charge for the advertising they do.

These scholars are often stunned the world, but in most cases, their motives are just to raise their visibility, while completely ignoring their words brought to the open source community's divisive.

Worse, now free software and open source software there is a split between supporters. Undeniably, there is a difference between the two ideas: the free software are more concerned about the freedom of users; and even more attention to high-quality open source software. Despite these differences, but the members of the two camps often use the same license for the same project work, and have a common goal.

So why is critical to seize the difference between the two tightly? In this world, no one can find and its the same as another person.

2, too much attention to procedures

Program is a common interest in FOSS community, it is natural, community members will spend a lot of time to discuss it. However, if you want to FOSS in the community and others who are interested in your program, just talk about the process itself, may have little effect, unless the other party is also a developer. Even the most prominent feature of FOSS - free of charge, people may have little interest in this, otherwise, should be more people to use the shared software.

For most people, although there is a long time every day using the computer, but the process itself is not their best interest.

As the Free Software Foundation Executive Director Peter Brown has pointed out many years ago, FOSS needs to examples of waste recycling campaign to learn something. Recovery did not explain to people who are melting the glass and then re-use process, they are just talking about recycling can to the benefit of everyone's life.

Similarly, FOSS community will stop talking about its licensing procedures or methods, some of it away more about the benefits to consumers, such as user rights, privacy and freedom of speech, not just limited to the computer program itself.

3, to meet the imitation of other operating systems

Over the years, FOSS has been imitating Windows and OS X. This imitation is inevitable, because FOSS late start, but in a very long period of time, money and manpower in terms of lack of competition than a lot of proprietary software.

In addition, if an open source operating system to meet the people have a very familiar mode of operation, then it allows people to more easily switch to it from other operating systems on. Developers do not have to waste time reinventing the window menu style or copy / paste the key combination.

However, the imitation of the practice has its own weaknesses. May lead to blind copy, for example, by imitating it to the main menu design in the lower left corner, but actually on the top left corner if it can be more convenient for people to use it. In addition, the copy means that you are always at least a step slower than the others. This is not conducive to attracting new users, who prefer to use one that does not have the latest design and functionality of the operating system do?

In fact, in many ways, FOSS has to catch up or are about to catch up with commercial operating systems, such as desktop applications and Office applications suite. In some ways even leading edge, such as the latest KDE4. However, most community members have not yet completed from imitation to innovation in the ideological transformation, which may block the advance of FOSS.

Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth as last summer, as claimed, it is not enough just to catch up with Apple's goal should be over it.

4, on the new unfriendly

All communities are groups of people into a circle. There are many FOSS community has existed for many years groups, together with its development is built on the basis of membership contributions, so compared to other communities, it may be even more closed to newcomers, isolated. If a newcomer hoping to integrate into the community, not only to the first contribution to a certain amount of technical expertise, but also to understand the many unwritten rules.

Perhaps we can understand the situation, but these practices are inexcusable, and many community members who made no secret of the impatience of the new and contempt. In the open source community, I have seen many times for the novice to some simple questions in response is "RTFM (read the manual that damn short)" and I think this response is not polite to lose let rookies understand the interest in FOSS.

Obviously, many community members do not realize that most people encounter problems, the first to hope is to obtain help from others, rather than their own to read the documentation, or, if we can get the right help, perhaps He will establish a link with the community, the future might also contribute to the community.

Of course, not everyone is suitable for technical support. However, a simple guide code, may be able to make real newcomers to the community, not patience or contempt, it will only allow them to stay away from the community, which is obviously inconsistent with the spirit of free and open source software.

5, developers have the same privileges

FOSS launched in developers, but until now their work is still the center of the open source movement. However, many people may not notice, this community's growth has far exceeded the original size. Especially in some large projects, document writers, testers, designers, marketing personnel and managers, have become an important contributor. A FOSS software release, has become a lot of people with different skills, the result of joint collaboration.

However, despite this change, in many projects, developers usually have a non-"second-class citizen" treatment. In many cases, they can not become a true member of the project, but do not have the right to vote. If a non-developer proposed a project helpful suggestions, in most cases the developer's response was, "We look forward to your code", otherwise, not be considered.

In this environment, if non-developers to lose enthusiasm for the project, it is not surprising. If you lose them, a modern software project a lot of work had not even completed.

6, the energy is concentrated on the hate Microsoft

Microsoft, the community has been skeptical, indeed, in addition to Microsoft, not a proprietary software company has been hostile to FOSS, and the recent show good and far too frequently hypocritical, difficult to impress people in the open source community. However, part of the open source community seem to be more energy to fight for and against Microsoft, the top and forget the principle of freedom of the computer industry.

There are several areas that could get us reduce this hostility, first of all, it will not help achieve the goal FOSS can not improve our efficiency. As the openSUSE Community Leader Joe Brockmeier has pointed out, instead of spending time on hate Microsoft on open source projects do not contribute as much on some power.

More importantly, these feelings can cause people outside the open source community's misunderstanding that this is the mainstream attitude of open-source community, and thus finds the open source community in a Yuan Fu like everyone, suspicious and like to complain. This is not conducive to encouraging outside involvement in the FOSS community.

However, strong anti-Microsoft sentiment to give up the biggest reason is that it may allow community members to ignore the other proprietary software rivals. For example, it does not seem to care about Apple's ownership of actions, in fact, in many ways, Apple has become a major rival FOSS.

7, the commercial development as a growth model

FOSS projects are more and more like some large commercial software sector, for example, many products, whether or not to publish a new version of need, are set to release a fixed version of the program, which has become the standard number of projects, including GNOME, Ubuntu and Fedora, etc. . Recently, Ubuntu's founder also put forward the major projects implemented in its "simultaneous release plan"'s point of view the issuers business Geng easy to plan the Genju version released, Buguozhijin far, 杩欎釜 view does not get more support.

In some cases, learn from experience in business application development approach is very useful. However, we should always bear in mind, though FOSS can use commercial software development model, but their goals are different. For example, when a project committed to regularly release new version, does go against the open source "ready redistribution, rather than engage in regularly published" principle? If if he continues, quality control is inevitable to happen sooner or later of.

More importantly, FOSS development is fundamentally different from the majority of commercial software development. In many cases, FOSS developers in the majority of the members are a large number of volunteers scattered around the world, not a commercial development team. FOSS development, as evidenced by history, this environment means that it must form their own side of the development side of the workflow. For example, if the testers are volunteers, how do you ensure that the required test plan can be completed on time? Therefore, and many other things, like, FOSS needs innovation, rather than simply using "used."

8, the market share as the primary goal

If you give up the FOSS ideals, or the user does not support them, by having more users is meaningless. Market share growth for the same time excited, FOSS community needs to remember, your goal is not just to provide an alternative software, but the computer industry to promote the free open-source ideas and relationships.

If people are only concerned to gain market share, might cause the number of members of the community growth, but may be the most successful moments are the most important things lost.

9, no need to implement a completely free operating system

Now from a fully non-proprietary operating system objectives have been very close, you might think that people in the open source community will work harder to achieve this goal. However, according to the Free Software Foundation recently released "The most urgent need to complete a free software project" data, in the community many people think that there is no need to achieve this ultimate goal. Because they believe that, in any case it must use proprietary drivers for the graphics, or to use YouTube, Adobe Flash Player. We have been very close to free desktop system, so no need to consider the completion of the remaining some distance, at least all the other projects are available for free download.

This think the situation is good enough view, it seems contrary to open source software in the important principle of the pursuit of perfection. More specifically, this means accepting defeat and gave up the idea to provide free alternative operating system. When the distance is so close to the ultimate goal of the time, why did he choose to abandon it?


For the FOSS community, there is the attitude, people may have different views. I know that many people will they have different views, for or against my views.

However, my purpose is not only to focus attention on these issues. My real idea is, FOSS has been growing so quickly to such a large scale, it takes time to review and inventory of yourself, if the views of some of the old is still useful or whether new methods are consistent with its core values. Become larger in the past, the open source community to check and evaluate their own attitudes. Otherwise, it will face great risks, if not complete failure, for their own development process will bring some unnecessary obstacles.


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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

e-cology in the Pan Micro Series 17

The liberation of sales director, so that they more valuable tasks to complete

Many businesses are generally the most tired, sales director of personnel, they have to face every day the completion of sales targets, while sales staff to help each of them in the hands of customers, and the need for regular collation of the company's customer data, manual analysis What customers have value, the number of sales opportunities across the company? We can not have such a system, to liberate our sales subjective, so that they more important to complete the task even more value?

In Weaver, all of the sales manager can automatically informed of his / her management of the sales value of the distribution of all customers and sales opportunities, rather than all day long come to understand the hands of every sales situation. Micro sales director at Pan primary responsibility to fully trained sales force, regional sales strategy development and sales personnel to assist the target. Because the system is very convenient for every subjective opportunity to know where they are, they may have sales of next month, rather than spend a lot of time to complete the collation and analysis of these data.

The system automatically to help each and every sales executive order their subordinates report (customer contact situation, new customers mining conditions, sales opportunities the situation), so sales can easily understand the subjective sales staff of each respective advantages and disadvantages, which sales staff In work hard, which sell in wasted time.鏈変簡瀵归攢鍞汉鍛樼殑鐩戞帶锛屽閿?敭浜哄憳鐨勮?鏍稿氨鍙樺緱鐩稿杞绘澗銆傛牴鎹瘡涓?釜閿?敭浜哄憳鐨勭郴缁熸姤琛紝鍏徃閽堝涓嶅悓鎸囨爣锛屾瘡涓?釜鏈堣繘琛屽鍔憋紝娣樻卑鏃犳墍浣滀负鑰呫?



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Firefox Download break 5 million mark will be issued a limited edition of 50 sets of

Friday, Mozilla Foundation's Firefox Web browser was downloaded more than 5 million mark.

To commemorate this historic moment, the foundation said on its Web site, they will promote meritorious officers who issued a limited edition of 50 sets of Firefox, another, Mozilla Foundation will host 5 million to the Firefox download sites were all were rewarded, but the exact amount of ominous.

Mozilla developer Blake Ross Foundation, said: "This figure not only belong to us. It is the work of our 5 years of a show the next 5 years is also the beginning of the work."

Last year in November, Firefox listed on the official version, which has shaken many analysts believe is already quite mature Web browser market structure. With the rise of Firefox, Microsoft's IE browser market share decline over the years for the first time.

It chose Firefox, mainly for IE browser security holes found in the endless boredom. Some prominent security researchers have even suggested that, if possible, users are advised not to use the IE browser.

This year in February, Microsoft said, before listing in Longhorn, they will launch a new version of IE browser. Microsoft said the new IE's focus will be on creating a secure browsing environment.

And Firefox, in the past few months, also broke several serious security flaws. However, the open source community believe that their browser architecture is still safe than IE.

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Friday, August 6, 2010

Kabbah did not lead to infringement retrial - Jiangmin infringement

No lack of anti-virus industry has always lively,

This does not, Jiangmin company recently sued Kaspersky For another very public case of infringement,

Although the event has subsided,

However, groundless, and the total reason, may wish to months after Zhuge, a comprehensive analysis of some ... ...

Result from

The causes of things from the Russian "link network" a press report saying that the Russian-known anti-virus software vendor, Kaspersky Lab accusations, the Chinese anti-virus software companies Jiangmin Science and Technology is a secret from the company's Russian site on access to anti-virus data. Reported that the head of Kaspersky Lab Information Olga Kobza Zvonareva has confirmed the news. She said that the current Kaspersky Lab China office staff, are on this matter in contact with Jiangmin company.

Originally thought that it would be a normal business tort cases, all are predictable, but the development of the next things but in people's surprise. First Jiangmin public statements the company denied the news of Kaspersky to sue Jiangmin, also said the site could never get from Russian anti-virus data. Followed by Kaspersky (Chinese) company spokeswoman Zhang Likun denied infringement, said that not the case.

So, how to treat this incident? Kabbah was framed? Or as Jiangmin as claimed, is a malicious slander someone? The problem seems.

Doubt point

Profile control of the incident bore the official breaking belly, we may wish to make a hypothesis, assume that this is not a fake news article. Kabbah - Jiangmin infringement occurs, many media have reported the matter, SAN also brought the incident made the topic, from the responsibility of the media point of view, the domestic media, including Sina definitely not fake. So, the news first appeared in Russia "link network", the Council will not be "link network" maliciously false, 蹇芥偁 the Chinese media? I do not know Russian, can not understand the specific content of the original information, but through the understanding of network ties, I believe that link networks are not false, just search on the site, you will find many large domestic technology news site are from the site, and the site's alexa ranking is very front, in this position, the fabrication cost is too high.

The assumption that the authenticity of the news, we look at the events themselves. Ties Kaspersky Internet infringement news release of the Russian headquarters, and the last out is undeniable that the Chinese company Kaspersky, headquarters did not come out closing arguments, the Kaspersky China's position also seems to be the personal Zhang Likun tell the truth, and not as a formal statement issued as Jiangmin. In addition, in a statement after Jiangmin not a sound, a kind of hastily withdraw troops feeling was that if a malicious defamation, it should be a clear statement to Kaspersky, or two to communicate, if identified as malicious defamation of third-party competitors, it should draft a joint statement.

Profile Control Analysis

As a result, Kabbah and Jiangmin two each out of a move, they also receive bills expected battle did not happen in the market. The two companies give up this great opportunity to market speculation, market manipulation, if not poor is that the two had untold difficulties, but I prefer to believe the latter.

Leaving aside the incident aside, outsiders may not understand Kaspersky anti-virus industry position. Kaspersky I was the first to enter the field of the legendary anti-virus, anti-virus industry's master, he later created the Kaspersky Lab, invented many of the anti-virus technology such as floating signature technology have become final standard anti-virus technology, then the international branches of many anti-virus are derived from Kaspersky them there. As the domestic soft-extracting technologies stems from Xing soft decompression software analysis, the domestic anti-virus technology start, also stems from Kaspersky's analysis, and analysis at the time is not only a technical fashion, more quickly to improve their technical amendment to the compulsory, only later as the software industry norms and anti-virus business process, people are trying to play down his body Kaspersky shadow.

The facts in this case, the Kaspersky to accuse any one vendor, there will be full of gas. I think this is Jiangmin companies do not want to play too much to dwell on the infringement of an incentive. For Kaspersky speaking, even found some clues, he can not easily judge under the infringement. Which anti-virus because both the domestic companies, have a stalk of red seedlings are the background, are a little bit from the DOS era make up the anti-virus technology, and has a lot of very familiar of the original technology, to deny them, is indeed difficult .

On the other hand, commercial litigation not only go a long litigation process, but also gather some useful evidence, it is clearly not easy in the Internet age, with fighting a protracted war of attrition is not much value, as in other fronts to seek new breakthroughs. Of course, there is a third reason.

Kaspersky anti-virus technology though is the world's top companies, but to open up the Chinese market has been very good, "China's national conditions," once again played a role, that is, to make a difference in the Chinese market, will certainly To abide by rules of the game, this action is clearly an attempt to Kaspersky, it is easy to be understood as a malicious speculation, is not working well would be very vulnerable to negative effects, deep in China's Zhang Likun dumb know that the consequences of Therefore, the above results emerged.


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Friday, July 30, 2010

Chinese revolution

With the rapidly changing external environment, business, cost pressures increase, companies face business model may change at any time, CIO and corporate managers will face more than ever, more severe challenges of change. Enterprise IT departments and CIO to take on more responsibility and pressure, but also will usher in even greater opportunities. "Enterprises must change, otherwise you will die," Tom turned Peter's maxim also continue to be the entrepreneurs of identity. Although the increasingly urgent change, however, China's enterprise managers are not much experience in the management of change, there are data show that 60% of Chinese enterprises and even change over the final ended in failure, and the use and development of IT technology makes it all the Today it has become distinctive, it is clear that as long as the appropriate use of IT technology, today's changes in risk compared to the last the world has made it clear that new ways and means to resolve.

Each company to be successful every change is difficult and complex, obviously, this transformation can be achieved very easily, we should consider whether the call changes, or changes can only be called, ViewSonic vice president and chief information officer Robert Moon considered "Today's CIO should first and foremost a businessman, followed by the technical leader." This means that the CIO was not only a technical expert to demands on themselves, but to become the enterprise generalists. Now select the CIO's role, it means that changes in this risk rising, only a deep understanding of enterprise business operation mode, CIO to continue to defuse the risk of these changes at any time prior to the arrival of CEO aware of changes in breath and by means of IT firm CEO and other senior changes in the determination to become CEO of a good assistant and policy staff, and even successors.

A Failure of Reform Enterprise

Wen / Sun Wenliang

A business is the production of instant noodles in 2000 to develop food-based industry giant, the initial rapid development. 2002, A Company of instant noodle sales have reached 5,000 million. In 2004, the number suddenly rose to 500 million yuan, turned 10 times. Market peak in 2005, A company achieved sales of 700 million yuan Zeng.

A rapid rise of business is marketing with a series of excellent and effective communication, which "refused to fry, more healthy," a series of ads beginning in 2004 on the one hand the authority of the media through CCTV and other high-altitude bombing, on the other hand through the mass free media speculation, "not fried" concept quickly to seize the voice of the mainstream market.

Start early, A company in more than 20 provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions and major cities intensively established 48 marketing companies, more than 200 sales branches, weaving has played a huge marketing network, not just the country that are still a few major cities such as Beijing, Hangzhou, established a core factories and warehouses, just two years, A company has became the leader in China's instant noodle market.

A company's success has not led to speculation in other enterprises in the same industry to follow suit, not what is not healthy fried instant noodles also have not been recognized authority departments and agencies. Although the market did not follow up on competitors can be the exclusive trading company A has a problem, although in 2006 A company advertising campaign unabated, could sales of year-end A company is still hovering around 700 million yuan.

With sales stalled, A business management problems also come to light. The first is ads, the so-called out of sheep wool, the huge advertising costs directly reflected in the pricing of products, which makes A company's products in the terminal price is higher than the same number of grams of instant noodles products installed more than 30%, and A majority of consumers tasted the product and business generally reflects poor taste.

Another building in the channel, A business into other cities and in the channel, are sent directly from the headquarters of the team, but the system of management of these networks is very lag specification, between headquarters and the network is more incentive, few constraints mechanism. A number of enterprises as an indicator of payment, to check in the way staff work, and some sent from a group of business personnel to meet assessment requirements, privately and distributors agreed to rebate back to the demand and conditions, but also some business with the pit personnel and distributors ? corporate behavior.


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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Call ChooseColor function in PowerBuilder

First create a Custom user object and is defined as Structure (OS_ChooseColor):
long lstructsize
ulong hwndowner
ulong hinstance
long rgbresult
blob lpcustcolors
long flags
long lcustdata
long lpfnhook
long lptemplatename

Define instance variables:

os_ChooseColor istr_ChooseColor
long il_CustomInitColors [16]
blob (64) ibl_CustomColors

Defined external function::

function boolean ChooseColorA (REF os_ChooseColor lpcc) library "comdlg32.dll"

In the constructor event write the following code::

/ / Initialize choosecolor information
/ / Convert the default custom color array to a blob variable blobedit (ibl_customcolors, 1, il_custominitcolors)

/ / Let the structure element point to the blob array
istr_choosecolor.lpcustcolors = ibl_customcolors

/ / Set the size
istr_choosecolor.lStructSize = 36

/ / No owner
SetNull (istr_choosecolor.hwndOwner)

/ / Set flag
istr_choosecolor.flags = 1

Create object function: boolean of_choosecolor (ref long al_rgbresult), the code is as follows:

boolean lb_ok
istr_ChooseColor.rgbresult = al_rgbresult
lb_ok = ChooseColorA (istr_choosecolor)
al_rgbresult = istr_ChooseColor.rgbresult
return lb_ok

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bluesea Zune xBox 360 Wii Converter

Bluesea Zune xBox 360 Wii Converter converts AVI, DivX/Xvid, WMV, MPEG videos to PSP WMV or MP4 video format in one simple click. It is a powerful PSP MPEG4 video converter/PSP burner with fast working speed in burning movie to PSP and downloading movie to PSP. Now you can get this PSP MPEG4 video converter at a very competitive price! Its key features include: The software features superb video audio quality and fast conversion speed. And it is very easy to use.

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Christmas-Idea VCD M4V Convert

Christmas-Idea VCD M4V Convert is the fastest DVD VCD video converter software so far in the world. and reliable tools for VCD video conversion. Almost all kinds of DVD formats was supported by Christmas-Idea VCD M4V Convert. With VCD M4V Convert, you can convert almost all kinds of VCD M4V Convert video (.dat) format. Its conversion speed is far faster than real-time, converting one VCD movie only takes half an hour in some high-end computers. Christmas-Idea VCD Movie to iPhone Video Converter supports single-step conversion of VCD video into iPhone, iPod, Zune, PSP, PS2, PS3, DVD MPEG-4 format while some other soft wares need two steps which wastes unnecessary time.

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Friday, June 18, 2010

Christmasgift PDA Converter

Christmasgift PDA Converter converts AVI, DivX/Xvid, WMV, MPEG videos to PDA WMV or MP4 video format in one simple click. It is a powerful PDA MPEG4 video converter/PDA burner with fast working speed in burning movie to PDA and downloading movie to PDA. Now you can get this PDA MPEG4 video converter at a very competitive price! Its key features include: The software features superb video audio quality and fast conversion speed. And it is very easy to use.

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Sunday, May 30, 2010

AllRipper AVI to MP4

AllRipper AVI to MP4 is a best video and movie converter to MP4 Movie software! This product offers convert all popular formats to iPod, PSP, Zune, iPhone, MP4 video/ movie, Easy Convert DVD, VCD, SVCD, AVI, MPEG, WMV, MOV, MP4, RM, RMVB, DivX, ASF, VOB, 3GP and etc. AllRipper AVI to MP4 helps you watch your music videos and movies on your iPod, PSP, Zune, iPhone. In addition, you can also extracting audio from movie or music video and converting to iPod supported MP3 file format! AllRipper AVI to MP4 is the fastest Rip DVD movie to iPod, PSP, Zune, iPhone, MP4 video, you can convert almost all kinds of AVI to MP44 format. Its conversion speed is far faster than real-time, converting one DVD movie only takes half an hour in some high-end computers. AllRipper MP4 Suite supports single-step conversion of DVD video into iPhone-ready MPEG-4 format while some other soft wares need two steps which wastes unnecessary time.

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hope RM to 3GP

Hope RM to 3GP is an All-in-One solution to create Mobile Phone 3GP movies from DVDs, TV shows and downloaded videos. The software combines DVD to 3GP Converter and 3GP Video Converter in one package for discounted price. The software is easy to use. It features superb video audio quality and the fastest conversion techniques availabe on the market (Up to 3x faster).

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Swift MPG Deconde

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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Christmasgift Youtube Converter

Christmasgift Youtube Converter is a All-in-One powerful tool. Convert all popular video and audio formats to Youtube video, swf or flv to video, such as avi, mpeg, 3gp, mp4, mov, it offers the solutions to problems that many other flash to video converting tools cannot solve, such as video and audio asynchronization, loss of frames, audio distortion, the process of alpha channel, and the process of both internal and external Flash video(flv). With the leading audio and video codec, Christmasgift Youtube Converter lets you easily and fully enjoy the original effects of your Flash files on your PC, iPod, PSP, Zune, iPhone, DVD players and Youtube Video, Google video, Myspace Video. In conclusion, with easy-to-use interface, fast converting speed, powerful functions.

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Monday, April 12, 2010

Professional APE WMA to Sound Editor

Professional APE WMA to Sound Editor - This feature makes it easy to read web pages, e-mail messages, documents and much more. Even better, if you have a portable audio device you can take your text as MP3 files to the gym, in your car, or anyplace you need to go. It rips audio CD tracks and saves them into audio formats such as mp3, wav, wma (Windows Media Audio), VQF (Yamaha SoundVQ), orOGG Vorbis, converts MP3, CD, CDA, CD-R, DVD-Audio, AAC, AC3, ID3, M3U, M4A, M4P, MP3 ID3 Tag, OGG, RA, WAV, WMA, MP2, APE, VQF, MPC, AMR, Midi, WAVE, and RM from one to another on-the-fly, resamples MP3 to MP3, WAV to WAV, WMA to WMA, OGG to OGG for changing bitrates, frequency, and other options. MP3 Encoder supports CBR (Constant Bit Rate) and VBR (Variable Bit Rate).

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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Explosion DVD Converter

Explosion DVD Converter - A fast video to DVD VOB converter which can convert and burn AVI, MPG, MPEG 1/2/4, WMV, MOV, MP4, RM, RMVB, DivX, Xvid, ASF, 3GP, Youtube FLV to DVD VOB VCD SVCD easily. With this DVD VCD SVCD converter, you will know how to make a DVD video. You can use it to convert and burn DivX, Xvid, AVI, MPG, MPEG 1/2/4, WMV, MOV, MP4, RM, RMVB files to DVD with chapter Menu. With that, you can convert downloaded videos and burn files into DVD, which means Internet become the storehouse of your home theater! Get Free download now!

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Sunday, March 28, 2010

AllRipper Flash to iPhone

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bluesea SWF Convert

Bluesea SWF Convert is easy converts your Flash swf files to compliant Avi, Mpeg, VCD, SVCD or DVD structures (VOB and IFO).It converts your batch files into a compliant DVD Video set of files and burns it on a DVD blank media DVD+-R(W). The aspect ratio can be automatically selected or forced to a specific format. The program works for NTSC and PAL video format and create automatically chapters. Multiple audio tracks are supported. and burn them to a DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD+RW, and DVD-RW, so that you can play your Flash swf on DVD player.It is a Powerful and versatile DVD creator. The user-firenldy and easy-to-use interface lets you set begin-time/end-time for each Flash swf and batch convert. Very quick in conversion speed and no quality is lost! Cool SWF Convert Mixer Convert Macromedia Flash SWF to MPEG AVI video file. SWF to Video Converter is a powerful utility that supports to convert Macromedia Flash SWF files to MPEG AVI or VCD SVCD DVD compatible MPEG files including movie clips, action scripts and audio in the Flash movies. Also join many SWF files in one large AVI or VCD SVCD DVD compatible MPEG file. Allow the human interaction on Flash content during conversion, no skip frames and support 32bits RGBA alpha channel video that can be directed imported by video authoring tool for composition. Main features: batch conversion for SWFs to MPEG AVI VCD SVCD DVDs, batch Join for SWFs to MPEG AVI VCD SVCD DVDs, join many SWF files in one large video file, extract MP3/WAV sound.

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Happiness AVI to FLV 3GP SWF

Happiness AVI to FLV 3GP SWF is a All-in-One powerful tool. Convert all popular video and audio formats to Youtube video, swf or flv to video, such as avi, mpeg, 3gp, mp4, mov, it offers the solutions to problems that many other flash to video converting tools cannot solve, such as video and audio asynchronization, loss of frames, audio distortion, the process of alpha channel, and the process of both internal and external Flash video(flv). With the leading audio and video codec, Happiness AVI to FLV 3GP SWF lets you easily and fully enjoy the original effects of your Flash files on your PC, iPod, PSP, Zune, iPhone, DVD players and Youtube Video, Google video, Myspace Video. In conclusion, with easy-to-use interface, fast converting speed, powerful functions.

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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Merry MP3 M4A to ID3 Cloner

Merry MP3 M4A to ID3 Cloner - supported file formats WAV, MP3 (with external encoder), WMA (export only), AU, RAW and SND. A good book marking system is in use. You can bookmark a selected portion or view and reuse the same bookmark as needed. You can name the bookmarks with remarks and can save and recall the bookmarks. Convert CD to MP3, CDA, CD-R, DVD-Audio, AAC, AC3, ID3, M3U, M4A, M4P, MP3 ID3 Tag, OGG, RA, WAV, WMA, MP2, APE, VQF, MPC, AMR, Midi, WAVE, and RM Vorbis with excellent output quality and high ripping speed. Rich Options of MP3 Encoder, WMA Encoder and OGG Encoder. Support MP3 and OGG from 6,000 to 48000 sample rate. With a small TAG editor built in. You can easily edit File's (MP3 / WMA / OGG Vorbis) TAG information. Supports freedb function. Get title, artist and album information from remote FreeDB server.

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hope Wii SWF AVI Deconde

Hope Wii SWF AVI Deconde converts AVI, DivX/Xvid, WMV, MPEG videos to Wii WMV or MP4 video format in one simple click. It is a powerful Wii MPEG4 video converter/Wii burner with fast working speed in burning movie to Wii and downloading movie to Wii. Now you can get this Wii MPEG4 video converter at a very competitive price! Its key features include: The software features superb video audio quality and fast conversion speed. And it is very easy to use.

Hope Wii Video Converter is a best video and movie converter to Wii! This product offers convert movie to Sony Wii, Easy Convert AVI, MPEG, WMV, MOV, MP4, RM, RMVB, DivX, ASF, VOB, 3GP and etc. Hope Wii SWF AVI Deconde helps you watch your music videos and movies on your Wii.

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Explosion DVD Burner

Explosion DVD Burner is an easy-to-use and effective DVD/CD burning software. With this burning program you can create Data CD, Data DVD, DVD Audio, Audio CD, MP3 CD / Audio CD Ripper and easy burn AVI, MPG, MPEG 1/2/4, WMV, MOV, MP4, RM, RMVB, DivX, Xvid, ASF, 3GP, Youtube FLV to DVD. Features: Full Drag and Drop support. Supports majority of modern IDE, USB, SCSI and FireWire CD/DVD writers. Simple, easy-to-use and highly customizable interface. Supports all CD-R / CD-RW / DVD+R / DVD+RW / DVD-R / DVD-RW / DVD-RAM discs. Supports various MP3 / OGG / WMA / WAV audio files for burning music CD directly; no temporary files are required. Supports Buffer Protection systems, like Burn Proof and others for error free recording. Quick and full erase rewritable discs. Records CD/DVD On-the-Fly; no disk space is required for temporary files. Supports long file name and Multilanguage (Joliet) file system. Just download it to have a try, you will love it.

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Monday, February 8, 2010

Bluesea DVD to iPhone WMV MP4

Bluesea DVD to iPhone WMV MP4 is the fastest DVD movie to iPhone video converter software so far in the world. and reliable tools for DVD MPEG2 video to iPhone video format video conversion. Almost all kinds of DVD formats was supported by Bluesea DVD to iPhone WMV MP4. With DVD to iPhone WMV MP4 Converter, you can convert almost all kinds of DVD to iPhone WMV MP4 video (mp4) format. Its conversion speed is far faster than real-time, converting one DVD movie only takes half an hour in some high-end computers. Bluesea DVD Movie to iPhone Video Converter supports single-step conversion of DVD video into iPhone-ready MPEG-4 format while some other soft wares need two steps which wastes unnecessary time.

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Monday, January 25, 2010

Christmas-Idea DVD to PS3 PDA

Christmas-Idea DVD to PS3 PDA is a professional DVD movie to PS2 video converter software. Christmas-Idea DVD to PS3 PDA directly converts DVD movies to your PS2. All you need do is to connect PS2 to your PC and start Super DVD to PS3 PDA Converter. When the conversion is completed. Christmas-Idea DVD to PS3 PDA is an innovative Windows application that transcodes your favorite DVD movies to SONY PS2 directly. You can easily convert both PAL/NTSC DVDs for optimized video playback on PS2. Integrated world-class MPEG4 encoder make it possible to transcode whole DVD disc with the time half of playback time of DVD. You can select any audio track, subtitle, chapters of the DVD as you want.

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Merry VQF AMR to M3U Burner

Merry VQF AMR to M3U Burner supports multiple drivers. There is a audio converter built in Super CD to WMA Maker, which supports converting MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG from one format to another. It is very easy to use. It can Convert WAV files to MP3, CD, CDA, CD-R, DVD-Audio, AAC, AC3, ID3, M3U, M4A, M4P, MP3 ID3 Tag, OGG, RA, WAV, WMA, MP2, APE, VQF, MPC, AMR, Midi, WAVE, and RM. It makes direct digital copies from audio CDs and saves them as MP3s, WMAs, OGGs, or WAVs. It have fast speed. It can Convert WAV files to WMA. Just click on one button a CDs will be extracted.

Recommand Link:

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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Bluesea xBox 360 Deconde

Bluesea xBox 360 Deconde is a professional video converter to convert almost all popular video/movie formats to iPhone MP4 format. The output iPod MP4 video files can be played on your Apple iPod. All popular video/movie formats are supported, including AVI, MPEG/MPG/DAT, WMV, ASF, MP4, M4V, 3GP, 3G2, H264, MPEG4, AVC, MOV, QT, DivX, XviD, VOB, FLV, etc. The amazing output quality with super fast conversion speed is brough you by the built-in power MPEG4 encoder. All the output iPod MP4 videos fit your Apple iPhone.

Recommand Link:

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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

RER Audio Converter

RER Audio Converter converts between most known audio files: WAV, OGG Vorbis, MP3, MP2, WMA, AAC, M4A and other well-known media formats according to your wish.

1. Convert between any audio file format
With lots of codec built in, RER Audio Converter can convert audio files between almost any formats, including MP3, WMA, M4A, AAC, AC3, MP2, WAV, OGG with ease.

2. Easy to use
If you are a veteran, you will find everything can be called up with a simple mouse click, and the "learning curve" is near zero. Start working from the first launch with the simple and intuitive interface.

3. Customize output quality
Provide flexible output profiles, user can easily customize the properties, such as file size, bit rate, audio codec, and sample rate. RER is easy to modify the name and path of the output file.

4. All decoders and encoders built in
Once you download and install RER Audio Converter, all supported formats can be converted without downloading any more codec.

5. Batch mode Video Converter
Convert several video files with task list at once with high output quality.

6. Safe to install, viruses-free
We respect your privacy. There are no spyware and adware.

7. Email reply within 24 hours
Lifetime free technical support, free upgrade and best quality service. Free to try!

Recommand Link:

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Monday, January 4, 2010

Explosion DVD Creator

Explosion DVD Creator is an easy-to-use and high speed All-in-One DVD creator and DVD burner. It can converts ALL formats of video files directly to DVD disk, including DivX, Xvid, AVI, MPEG, WMV, QuickTime, Real Video format, etc. With only a few clicks, you can convert your internet video collection to a DVD R/RW disk and then replay your collection on your home DVD player/car DVD player. Share your collection with your family, your friends on TV. It supports both NTSC and PAL TV standards. It supports both 4:3 TV and 16:9 widescreen TV. It already includes DVD encoder and DVD burner. You don't need any other software to make it work. The copied disc works well with most DVD player, being completely same as the DVD movie you bought. Now you can enjoy Hollywood film at home now!