Friday, August 6, 2010

Kabbah did not lead to infringement retrial - Jiangmin infringement

No lack of anti-virus industry has always lively,

This does not, Jiangmin company recently sued Kaspersky For another very public case of infringement,

Although the event has subsided,

However, groundless, and the total reason, may wish to months after Zhuge, a comprehensive analysis of some ... ...

Result from

The causes of things from the Russian "link network" a press report saying that the Russian-known anti-virus software vendor, Kaspersky Lab accusations, the Chinese anti-virus software companies Jiangmin Science and Technology is a secret from the company's Russian site on access to anti-virus data. Reported that the head of Kaspersky Lab Information Olga Kobza Zvonareva has confirmed the news. She said that the current Kaspersky Lab China office staff, are on this matter in contact with Jiangmin company.

Originally thought that it would be a normal business tort cases, all are predictable, but the development of the next things but in people's surprise. First Jiangmin public statements the company denied the news of Kaspersky to sue Jiangmin, also said the site could never get from Russian anti-virus data. Followed by Kaspersky (Chinese) company spokeswoman Zhang Likun denied infringement, said that not the case.

So, how to treat this incident? Kabbah was framed? Or as Jiangmin as claimed, is a malicious slander someone? The problem seems.

Doubt point

Profile control of the incident bore the official breaking belly, we may wish to make a hypothesis, assume that this is not a fake news article. Kabbah - Jiangmin infringement occurs, many media have reported the matter, SAN also brought the incident made the topic, from the responsibility of the media point of view, the domestic media, including Sina definitely not fake. So, the news first appeared in Russia "link network", the Council will not be "link network" maliciously false, 蹇芥偁 the Chinese media? I do not know Russian, can not understand the specific content of the original information, but through the understanding of network ties, I believe that link networks are not false, just search on the site, you will find many large domestic technology news site are from the site, and the site's alexa ranking is very front, in this position, the fabrication cost is too high.

The assumption that the authenticity of the news, we look at the events themselves. Ties Kaspersky Internet infringement news release of the Russian headquarters, and the last out is undeniable that the Chinese company Kaspersky, headquarters did not come out closing arguments, the Kaspersky China's position also seems to be the personal Zhang Likun tell the truth, and not as a formal statement issued as Jiangmin. In addition, in a statement after Jiangmin not a sound, a kind of hastily withdraw troops feeling was that if a malicious defamation, it should be a clear statement to Kaspersky, or two to communicate, if identified as malicious defamation of third-party competitors, it should draft a joint statement.

Profile Control Analysis

As a result, Kabbah and Jiangmin two each out of a move, they also receive bills expected battle did not happen in the market. The two companies give up this great opportunity to market speculation, market manipulation, if not poor is that the two had untold difficulties, but I prefer to believe the latter.

Leaving aside the incident aside, outsiders may not understand Kaspersky anti-virus industry position. Kaspersky I was the first to enter the field of the legendary anti-virus, anti-virus industry's master, he later created the Kaspersky Lab, invented many of the anti-virus technology such as floating signature technology have become final standard anti-virus technology, then the international branches of many anti-virus are derived from Kaspersky them there. As the domestic soft-extracting technologies stems from Xing soft decompression software analysis, the domestic anti-virus technology start, also stems from Kaspersky's analysis, and analysis at the time is not only a technical fashion, more quickly to improve their technical amendment to the compulsory, only later as the software industry norms and anti-virus business process, people are trying to play down his body Kaspersky shadow.

The facts in this case, the Kaspersky to accuse any one vendor, there will be full of gas. I think this is Jiangmin companies do not want to play too much to dwell on the infringement of an incentive. For Kaspersky speaking, even found some clues, he can not easily judge under the infringement. Which anti-virus because both the domestic companies, have a stalk of red seedlings are the background, are a little bit from the DOS era make up the anti-virus technology, and has a lot of very familiar of the original technology, to deny them, is indeed difficult .

On the other hand, commercial litigation not only go a long litigation process, but also gather some useful evidence, it is clearly not easy in the Internet age, with fighting a protracted war of attrition is not much value, as in other fronts to seek new breakthroughs. Of course, there is a third reason.

Kaspersky anti-virus technology though is the world's top companies, but to open up the Chinese market has been very good, "China's national conditions," once again played a role, that is, to make a difference in the Chinese market, will certainly To abide by rules of the game, this action is clearly an attempt to Kaspersky, it is easy to be understood as a malicious speculation, is not working well would be very vulnerable to negative effects, deep in China's Zhang Likun dumb know that the consequences of Therefore, the above results emerged.


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