Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Firefox Download break 5 million mark will be issued a limited edition of 50 sets of

Friday, Mozilla Foundation's Firefox Web browser was downloaded more than 5 million mark.

To commemorate this historic moment, the foundation said on its Web site, they will promote meritorious officers who issued a limited edition of 50 sets of Firefox, another, Mozilla Foundation will host 5 million to the Firefox download sites were all were rewarded, but the exact amount of ominous.

Mozilla developer Blake Ross Foundation, said: "This figure not only belong to us. It is the work of our 5 years of a show the next 5 years is also the beginning of the work."

Last year in November, Firefox listed on the official version, which has shaken many analysts believe is already quite mature Web browser market structure. With the rise of Firefox, Microsoft's IE browser market share decline over the years for the first time.

It chose Firefox, mainly for IE browser security holes found in the endless boredom. Some prominent security researchers have even suggested that, if possible, users are advised not to use the IE browser.

This year in February, Microsoft said, before listing in Longhorn, they will launch a new version of IE browser. Microsoft said the new IE's focus will be on creating a secure browsing environment.

And Firefox, in the past few months, also broke several serious security flaws. However, the open source community believe that their browser architecture is still safe than IE.

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